Mazes & More-Mazes & More v3.5.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Hints, Levels Unlocked)

Mazes & More-Mazes & More v3.5.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Hints, Levels Unlocked) title=

Mazes & More


Mazes & More is a classic game that has been around for decades. In the past, it used to become a craze when many people loved it. Currently, this game is making a strong comeback, as evidenced by its more than 50 million downloads. With straightforward graphics, exciting gameplay, this is a game suitable for all devices as well as all ages.


Your job is simply to adjust your character’s movements to find a way out of the mysterious maze. In the first levels, you will only need to exit the maze to be able to complete the game, but in the later levels, you will have to race against time, even have to dodge traps or enemies looking for you. Although the skill does not need to be too high, you must really have a sharp mind to pass all the levels in this game easily.


It’s no wonder that so many people love a simple game like Mazes & More. When participating in the game, you will have to devote all your attention to it. Just a second of neglect, you will be at risk of being attacked by the target. To win, you both have to think to find the way to the finish line and have to find a way to avoid the enemy. Sometimes in some cases, you need to find a hiding place to wait for the enemy to pass, but if you are unlucky to be discovered by it, you will fall into the dead-end and die.


There are six different game modes in this game: the classic game mode, which means you simply find your way out of the maze. Enemy mode, forcing you to both find your way and dodge the attack of the enemy. Trap mode contains traps in the middle of the road; if you step on them, you will lose your life or time mode with the pressure of a countdown timer on top,… There are also many more modes—another exciting gameplay.


This game is a puzzle game, with simple gameplay and no violence, so it is suitable for everyone, including children. It will also only take you 26M to download Mazes & More to your phone, extremely light. The publisher also offers you up to 57 different languages, making it popular around the world. In particular, this is a completely free game and has an offline play mode, so you can relax and entertain at any time.