Hip Hop Dance School-Hip Hop Dance School v1.8.5 MOD APK (Unlocked All Content)

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Hip Hop Dance School


Hip Hop Dance School Game is a game with various gameplay from fashion to rhythm that completely attracts players. Players will prepare the necessary things so that the dancer they control can participate in the match and achieve a high position. At the same time, they will also prepare a demonstration and ensure the movements are performed correctly by activating them at the right time.


Players will walk on the path to becoming professional dancers who can stand on completely large stages to perform impressive dance performances in Hip Hop Dance School Game. These dancers will need to prepare everything from costumes to impressive performances to win high places in each competition. Therefore, in order to have a completely impressive achievement, players will need to consider many different factors.

The gameplay that this game offers is completely similar to rhythm games and fashion titles, and this gameplay offers some different fun. Players will control the character through makeup to make his appearance more impressive, and when the conditions for makeup and status are met, the game will unlock the right to compete. Then you will show up and try to follow the rhythm to complete your performance well.


When players go to the first experience inside the Hip Hop Dance School Game, they will choose costumes for their characters. These skins will appear in front of the player, and they can choose the available ones to gain experience. From there, the player will be able to see the experience bar continuously increasing over time until it fills up. That will mark the completion of the character’s costume selection.

The player can fully see the factors that affect the character’s state, and of course, they are all unlocked. You will need to go through the matches and continue to unlock other elements, and the experience mechanics of these elements are similar. At the same time, players also need to try to complete the work well because that is the factor that leads to the character’s right to compete. Therefore, you will need to prepare everything carefully for the character.

On the field, players will also be interested in the character’s performance when they can choose the playing field. The game will offer a number of different stages where you can preview them before applying for a real one. At the same time, players will also be offered lighting effects with effects that increase the impact and score of the performance, and you will need to consider the number of resources you have to choose.


After the elements related to the character’s appearance are prepared, the player will need to pay attention to the Hip Hop Dance School Game performances. The player’s job is to arrange a performance order of the different moves that appear in a list. You will know the movements and think of the right arrangement to create a smooth performance for the character, and of course, the rhythmic gameplay will appear soon after.

Players will see the character step onto the stage, and the moves you have previously selected will appear. You will need to tap on the icon buttons of these moves to activate them, and of course, there will be a gradually narrowing circle, and you will need to choose when to press when they overlap. Depending on the accuracy when pressed, the player will receive the highest rating and perfect buttons.

Players will follow the successful journey of a dancer:

Players will accompany a dancer and help her succeed when having impressive performances and achieving high positions in competitions.Players will need to care about the character’s appearance by changing her fashion style and exposing her to different care activities.Successful completion of the preparation will be necessary for players to enter challenging competitions where dancing talent is shown.The moves that the dancers perform will be prepared by the players as they establish an order of movements and add the stage effects they want.The player will ensure these moves are performed successfully by activating them correctly and getting good results.